Developing Positive Changes uses the team approach in creating and implementing the most effective treatment strategies.

We offer a support system to assist in.maintaining positive behavior change.

We treat our clients and families ethically, with dignity and respect.

We Now Accept Insurance

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Developing Positive Changes

A Provider of behavior analysis in Central and the Suncoast of Florida

We are a consulting agency specializing in treating
those with behavioral disorders. We serve individuals of all ages.
Behavior Analysts work together with caregivers in the natural environment (i.e.: home, school, community) to increase functional skills that will replace problem behaviors and develop appropriate strategies to reduce the behavior.

Areas of Specialization

• Developmental Disabilities
• Autism and Related Disabilities
• Attention Deficit Disorders
• Hyperactivity Disorders
• Defiance and Impulse Control
• Physical Aggression
• Verbal Aggression
• Self- Injurious Behaviors
• Property Destruction
• Elopement
• Disruptive Behavior
• Social Deficits
• Tantrums